Proximity engagement 

Use mobile and GPS/Bluetooth technologies to present location specific content straight to your visitor's smartphone.

We can help you create your own fully branded app that is designed to deliver content-rich visitor experiences. Then, combine the smart technologies in mobile devices with GPS/Bluetooth technologies to deliver content that is directly associated with the physical location of your visitor. This allows you to deliver meaningful content straight to your visitor phone when and where they need it most.

Sensa is our new digital platform for creating and managing mobile engagement experiences.

Watch this short film to learn more.

Audio & guided tours 

Turn existing or new audio guides, walks and trails into great interactive mobile experiences.

We will work with you to plan your indoor or outdoor guided tours, walking trails and treasure hunts. Then we will help you bring these experiences to life with audio narratives, sound clips, films, images, photos and augmented reality experiences. 

Engaging with digital

Unite real-world experiences with rich digital content via your own fully branded app.  

This will allow you to deliver media-rich interactive content into the hands of users via mobile phones and tablets. You will also be able to use GPS, Bluetooth beacons and AR symbols to trigger the presentation of content and messages that are directly related to your user's physical location.

Conference performance

Exhibitors - Empower your team with an interactive playbook; make it easy for them to access the information they need when they need it. Keep it fresh and relevant with real-time updates.

Conference organisers -  Provide your exhibitors with powerful delegate and ROI intelligence. Make it easy for them to identify and find the people they need to meet and access the knowledge they need to achieve their objectives.

Easy content creation and publication

Pre-designed content templates make it fast and easy to curate and deliver great content to visitor’s phones.

Simply drag and drop multimedia files into ‘blank’ content boxes to create your screens and messages.

Keep your content fresh – simply use your pre-designed visitor engagement tools to easily update event information and promote offers.

Real-time data collection

Deliver better visitor experiences in response to visitor insights.

See what objects or places visitors interact with most, how long they spend in a specific location and what content they share most with family and friends.

Data from your app is automatically presented on your dashboard making it easy to get a snapshot or in-depth insight into visitor behaviour and preferences.


Own fully branded app

Make your iOS & Android app your own. Personalise using colours, layouts and icons that reflect your own branding and style guidelines.

Pre-designed content templates

Use different content templates to deliver different user experiences and present your multimedia files with ease. Learn more.

Easy to use content & proximity engagement management tool

Your own web-based content management system makes it fast and easy to keep your content up-to-date and assign proximity triggering to different content elements or notifications.

Create Self Guided Tours

Select different places or points of interest to create your own curated tours. This lets you help visitors explore different aspects of you your offer and highlight key points of interest.

Indoor & outdoor proximity alerts

Use GPS and Bluetooth technologies to automatically present content or messages on your visitor’s phones that are relevant to their location.

On & offline custom maps

Your app uses GPS to pinpoint your visitor’s location making way finding and navigating easy. Offline map options allow user to navigate without using data or WiFi.

Visitor led promotion

Content sharing features make it easy for your visitors to use social media tools to share their experience and promote any offers.

Real-time data & visualisations

Your analytics dashboard, data visualisations and automated data reports provide you with all the information you need to better understand the profile, behaviour and preferences of your visitors.

Why choose Sensa?

Easy to deploy & maintain

No one in your team needs to have any software programming skills or specialist IT knowledge to get you started. The cost of storing your data, providing technical support and maintaining your app is included in your monthly subscription.

End to end customer support & advice

We will help and support you whenever you need it. We can also help with creating content, designing logos and developing visitor engagement plans.

Clear pricing & plans

Different price plans and monthly subscription makes it easy to choose the best solution. Once a subscriber it is easy to add features and upgrades as your requirements grow.